Frequently Asked Questions

"Walk-On" Sportfishing Charters! - FAQ

Whether you are a first time angler or a veteran offshore fisherman there are probably going to be lots of questions that you might be wondering about our make up charter program. If you don't see the answer you are looking for here please use our contact form and we'll do our best to answer any questions.

Our boats provide your fishing license while aboard as well as the fishing rods, all fishing tackle, bait, and a mate to do the rigging etc.
We suggest the following; layered loose fitting clothing that will protect you from the sun as well as keep you warm but can be removed as the weather heats up. Bring a cap or hat, polarized sunglasses, athletic shoes or deck shoes (no black soles please), lunch and water or drinks in small cooler, camera in protective bag (please remember, the boat is not responsible for your valuable electronics so if there is any doubt in your mind, leave them at home) Fishing Tackle: Our boat will provide all the necessary bait and fishing tackle. If you would like to bring along your own rod and reel or fishing lures, it is not normally a problem but you should discuss this with the captain before the trip.
Rarely does anyone get seasick on an inshore charter but seasickness is always a possibility even with the most experienced offshore fishermen. It is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about because it can and does happen to anyone. If you have never been offshore fishing and there is any doubt in your mind, it would probably be a good idea to take Bonine or some similar over-the-counter medication in preparation for your trip.
Yes, if anglers want to keep their catch it is no problem. We do however release all billfish and legally undersize fish or over-individual limit catch. We suggest that you bring along a cooler and keep it in your vehicle to transport your catch when we return to the dock. However, in the interest of space and every one on-board's comfort, please do not bring any large coolers along on your charter trip. Only small coolers for your lunch and drinks please.
Mixed groups are handled differently than full groups. We have found that the most fair way is that the entire catch is put into a pool, then filleted, and then the filets (by weight) divided by the number of paying anglers on the trip. However, you should definitely discuss this among your group on the way out or on the way in.
You have the option of taking your catch with you and cleaning it at home or you can request the service that is available at the marina to clean and package your catch for a small fee.
Even in a fishing utopia like the Atlantic East Coast it is never a sure thing that we are going to catch fish. Your odds are always going to be good but your eventual catch is influenced by many factors such as the current weather and your boat's location. Our captains are some of the most experienced and respected in the world and are constantly in communication with each other to help keep them in the best fishing locations. If anyone can get you on the fish, our captain will do it.
The typical makeup charter trip is done trolling between 6 and 8 lines depending on the sea conditions. Normally on the boat ride out the anglers will work out an order among themselves by either discussion or flipping a coin to determine the order that they will take the rods to fight the fish. When a line gets hit the first angler will be handed the rod and fight the fish. What sometimes happens is that an angler might be sleeping or voluntarily give up his turn by not being available when the lines are attacked. Also, since offshore species normally travel in vast schools it is not uncommon for 4 or more trolled lines to all get hit at the same time. Offshore trolling some days can be hours of sitting and waiting and then punctuated by a "Chinese fire drill" with everything happening all at once or it can be steady action all day. Another practice that is very common in our offshore fishing is something called "bailing". When the captain sees a large school of mahi he will stop the boat and pull in the trolling lines. The mate will then break out smaller rods that are set up to drop out small baits right into the schools that are beside the boat. Everyone on board is fishing at the same time. Usually everyone hooks up and fills their limit in short order with this method.
Your captain does not expect a tip. However, the mate's salary is paid by the charter client's tips. It is traditional to tip a hard working mate that you feel has done a good job for you at about 15% to 20%.
This is very important. The boat's captain has the sole discretion to make this call. Unless you hear otherwise you are expected to show up at the departure location at the designated time ...... even if the weather looks like it is going to be bad. Many times the weather may look poor at the docks but experience has shown our captains that the weather in the warm balmy waters of the Gulf Stream can be entirely different. Don't worry, our captains are USCG licensed to make this call and from personal experience I can personally assure you that our captains are much more likely to call a trip off than take a chance with your safety or comfort. Actually that's why we chose to work with these captains! If the captain meets you at the dock and informs you that it is necessary to cancel your charter, you will be issued a full refund. For the security of everyone involved, if you do not show up on time for your trip we will not issue a refund. This is the only fair way to do to guarantee that all participants show up for a charter.